Another question answered today! What to do about acne or spots that pop up and you need them gone quick! During summertime, our skin quickly gets congested. Humidity levels do not help either, which is a huge struggle for me here in Austin. Oil glands start to produce more oil, making it difficult to find that perfect pH balance in the skin. This overproduction causes unwanted breakouts. Keep in mind; breakouts can happen any time of year, but with hot temperatures, sunscreen, humidity, sweat, etc. the chances increase drastically. What's tough is acne seems to pop up out of nowhere, even though it has been forming under the skin for a while.

Below is a list of tips to help prevent and get rid of acne that I find most helpful!

First of all- wash your face! Wash your face every eight hours to prevent oil build-up. Always wash your face before and after a workout as well.

Take something over-the-counter- my favorite is Hum Nutrition. I've also heard good things about Murad's Pure Skin Supplement.

Use a chemical or physical (if your skin can handle it) exfoliant a few times a week.

Target and remove blackheads.

See an aesthetician- The quickest way to get rid of a spot (for me) is to go in and see my aesthetician so she can safely and effectively extract it. For those asking about underground pimples, my suggestion would be to get a cortisone shot and then see an aesthetician (or have your dermatologist extract and treat it best they can). Getting monthly facials is a must for me!

Use a blue light device at home. I’ve owned the linked device for ten years now and through college when I used it every night I found it highly effective. I need to invest in another since mine tends to shut off.

Use effective spot treatments that target your specific issue.

Pay attention to the ingredients in your moisturizer and sunscreen- don't use pore-clogging products. For a scale, please see the Instagram post from September 3rd, 2018.

There you have it- it boils down to routine and product selection!

Comment with questions!