Yep-- taking us all back to age twelve Life Science class!

Chlorophyll has become quite popular lately and is in several juices and shots. Chlorophyll is present in all greens, and is so powerful that taking a shot alone of chlorophyll equals about three servings of greens! Greens help bring oxygen into the body and skin while also hydrating oneself. This, in turn, helps extract all the impurities and bring in nutrients to fully benefit the body. Chlorophyll can help the skin appear younger and firmer while possibly helping collagen production. It also contains vitamins C, K, E, and A. Chlorophyll's antioxidant functions help the skin to glow, protect against UV light, and help with the anti-aging process.

So, which products do I suggest for unpolluted, glowing skin? See below!

1. Joann Vargas' Daily Serum- a great way to apply it to the skin (use SPF after). BioClarity makes a serum as well I want to try.

2. Daily Greens- I try to drink one of these tablets every single morning.

3. Chlorophyll Water-

4. Cocokind's Chlorophyll Mask- this mask is so fun to use because it can be customized. I vary between using honey, yogurt, milk, ACV, or water. Perricone MD makes a great Chlorophyll mask as well.

5. Sakara Life's Beauty Water + Detox Water Concentrate- these are great because they add to water and are easy for travel!

Comment with questions!! Happy hump day!!