Hi everybody!

For everyone who read my initial post on this feed, it’s known I have a real passion for skincare. I think that starts at an early age, and as previously credited, it’s because my mom has always been the ultimate researcher in this department. In my twenty-eight years, she continues to be my guide in all things skincare. Therefore, that leads me to a little announcement! I have created twenty or so skincare routines for people in the last five weeks of launching this feed! Skincare routines are one of my favorite things to do! Before this feed existed, I had created and helped several friends with their skin. I want to give the absolute best recommendations and create the best regime per person- meaning lots of research and time! I am now asking for the opportunity to create one for anyone interested! I will gather pictures of your skin and your concerns, and then email you within a week. This service will entail carefully choosing each product I recommend to you, instructions, and a schedule. A complete routine broken out line by line for you! $50 per routine.

Please message me for questions & requests!