I’m Lara Boley


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Skincare is self-care, and beauty comes from within,

so have fun with it!


About Me

My name is Lara Boley, I am twenty-nine years old. I am a Texas native currently living in Austin. Skincare is a love of mine and I have always found the ins and outs of products, routines, and skin types fascinating. From a young age my mother taught me the importance of skincare and the positive impact it can have on oneself. I have carried these lessons with me throughout my life and now want to pass them on to you! Friends have always asked me about products, how I treat my skin to keep it clear and fresh, routines, off-the-grid products, and hidden secrets that my mother taught me. After several suggestions, I decided to start my own Instagram and informational blog, Sunday’s Edit LLC. I post valuable products, procedures, and information that I have researched and tested. I intend to showcase the edited best through my Instagram, website, and upcoming Sunday Newsletter. 

Why “Sunday’s Edit”

As a young girl, I grew up watching my mother take meticulous care of her skin. I would watch her skincare routine with great interest, all the while wondering what the purpose of the many products could be. On Sunday's we would have a spa day that always included a face mask and a comfortable robe. These days were always fun for me and I loved exploring all the creams, cleansers, bath products, and masks. It was a day of relaxation, house chores, cooking, and skincare. On Sundays my mother taught me to edit my routine, my products, my clothes…everything. "Keep what you need, keep what works, pay attention to the season, and don't buy into trends." Now more than ever, I appreciate that advice. On Sundays I still love to try new products, use a face mask, or try a new device. Sundays are my day for self-care and edit in all aspects of my life. This is where the idea for my company name came alive!




Obsessed with My

Cassie my Border Collie is beautiful, lovable, and so smart- she’s the best!


Luckily, I was born on Saint Patrick’s Day!


I love good food, especially anything involving cheese. I also have a major sweet tooth!

Favorite Getaway

Marfa, Texas


Let’s Be Friends!

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